What Is Conversion?

Augustine was born in 354 in Tagaste, now modern day Algeria. His mother Monica attempted to raise him in the Christian faith yet Augustine quickly rejected what he called a juvenile belief. He spent much of his youth dissolutely wallowing in the pleasures of the flesh. He became a father at nineteen years old through … More What Is Conversion?

The Dignity of Work

In every era, work is needed. And this past year workers have received a devastating blow to their overall mental state. In 2020 covid inflicted grievous economic wounds, shutting down the world’s leading economies and kneecapping production and service sectors. People are still feeling the economic pain from the lockdowns. Going through a furlough or a … More The Dignity of Work

What is love?

The Beatles sang, “All you need is love” and this phrase has been repeated like a parrot, especially as we approach Valentine’s Day. Yet, before lapsing into popular theories derived from catchy songs, we need to clarify what love is. As spiritual masters would assert, Yes, all you need is love because God is love … More What is love?

A Vote for Life

GK Chesterton once said, “Those who say you can’t talk about politics and religion are removing the two most intriguing things worth talking about.” Like it or not, the drama playing out in 2020 is drenched with these two topics intertwined. If we back up to the year 1917, we’ll get a running-start to our … More A Vote for Life

What is fear?

The Titanic was dubbed the unsinkable ship. Yet, we all know that it sank to the bowels of the frigid ocean that fatal full night in 1912 – taking more than 1,000 lives. But, did you know, when the Titanic was in distress, less than 25 miles away the SS “Californian” could have come to … More What is fear?

The battle plan

The popularity of the digital streaming world of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon reveals the human craving for a captivating drama to delve into in an addictive fashion for hours on end. If you ever watched a riveting movie, TV series, or been hooked on a book, you’ll notice that what grabs your attention is an … More The battle plan