Part II – Trump, Refugees, and Catholics

In part 1 of this article, we outlined the Islamic terrorist problem. Before looking at a solution to a problem, one needs to understand the problem. Therefore, if you haven’t read part 1, click here to get a full understanding of the problem. Given that the evidence shows that foreign terrorists carry out their evil attacks … More Part II – Trump, Refugees, and Catholics

Halloween is a Religious Holiday?

Halloween is a curious phenomenon, isn’t it? An annual holiday, sanctioned and monitored by local governments all over the country, that celebrates death with a creepy display of ghosts, corpses, headstones, and skeletons. What gives? Where does such a “celebration” come from in the human psyche? Many fundamental Christians will declare that Halloween is a … More Halloween is a Religious Holiday?

Why did God create a world with so much destruction?

Whenever we recognize that something as good or bad, we are talking about a moral law.  In the previous article, when we asked why did God create bad people, we simultaneously asked the question why are God’s moral laws always violated. Because the bad behavior of people violates morality, we recognize that the moral law … More Why did God create a world with so much destruction?