What Is The Sabbath?

In the late night trial of Jesus, one of the allegations the Jewish Senate hurled against our Lord was healing on the Sabbath. The Scriptures record seven Sabbath healings by Jesus and the majority of time they happened the Pharisees had a bone to pick with Jesus (John 5:1-18, 9:107,14, Luke 6:6-11, 13:10-17, 14:1-6, Mark … More What Is The Sabbath?

What Is Transhumanism?

The 1984 film “Terminator” portrays a human soldier sent from 2029 to 1984 to stop a futuristic and almost indestructible cyborg killing machine produced by artificial intelligence. Other stories insight fascination with this part-man, part-machine character. Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein famously depicted Victor Frankenstein, the prototypical “mad scientist” who creates a monster-like machine. Despite popular … More What Is Transhumanism?

Yes, Jesus Was (likely) Born on December 25th

The Christmas story reveals how when beauty, goodness, and truth enter into our world, there remains outside forces determined to derail such splendor. Jesus birth was a magnificent scene abounding in love, yet lurking in the background was King Herod, who was hell-bent on destroying the Christ Child. Interestingly, we can see remnants of this … More Yes, Jesus Was (likely) Born on December 25th

How Catholicism Heals Mental Illness

With another tragic school shooting, people are beginning to see the connection to a swelling mental health problem in our world. Given that half of the entire human experience is built around a mental framework, this topic remains incredibly urgent. The field of psychology is the primary avenue mental health is viewed. Interestingly, the word … More How Catholicism Heals Mental Illness

The Joy of The Faith

Father Longenecker has observed that parents frequently tell him that their kids have either left the faith or have a bored disinterest with the faith. This sad reality illuminates that Catholics are abandoning the faith of their parents and grandparents at a record rate. A Pew report revealed that Catholicism has experienced a greater net … More The Joy of The Faith

Life Over Death

The great stories that grip our imagination and captivate our interest tend to depict that classic struggle between good and evil. Many writers stress the need to present various aspects of the conflict of good versus evil in their narrative lest the audience drifts away from boredom. This cultural attraction to the drama played out … More Life Over Death

The Law And Love

In June 2003, the deadliest porch collapse occurred in Chicago. An overloaded balcony collapsed during a party in an apartment building, killing thirteen people and seriously injuring fifty-seven others. The ensuing investigation was highly critical of the way the balcony was built, finding a large number of errors in its construction which ultimately resulted in the collapse. However, … More The Law And Love