One way to know Jesus is in the Eucharist

the bread

There is an old idea in the art of thinking that if your own enemy confirms that what you say is true then it is most likely true. After all, it is in your enemy’s best interest to undermine your statement. So, when your opponent acknowledges the validity of your statement then your statement is most likely true. As Protestant scholar Gary Habermas indicates, “If testimony affirming an event or saying is given by a source who does not sympathize with the person, message or cause, that profits from the account, we have an indication of authenticity.” Christian apologists of all stripes use this line of thinking to show the historicity of the resurrection. In confirming Jesus’ empty tomb claim to be true, an apologist will indicate that even the enemies of Jesus, the Jewish authorities, acknowledged that his tomb was empty. The Jews whole response that the disciples stole the body is proof that the enemies of the early Christians acknowledged that his body was not in the tomb. If your own enemy acknowledges that your claim is true, guess what – your claim is probably true. This way of thinking is an excellent way to test a truth claim that is used by both Catholic & Protestant alike. However, I’ve noticed those in the Protestant camp don’t use this very method when it comes to the Eucharist. So, let’s apply the same logic to ask the big question – Is Jesus really bodily present in the Eucharist?

Now, I can think of no one that says enemy in all of Christianity better than the devil himself. So, what does the devil and his worshipers believe about the Eucharist? Do they think it’s a mere symbol or the real flesh of Jesus? This answer is simple – all you have to do is ask a Satanist or go to their website to understand what their satanic service is like. There are several satanic services, but the one that they consider to be the biggest is called the black mass. A Satanist will tell you that a black mass is a satanic practice where the devil makes a mockery out of Jesus. How do they do this? The devil worshiper simply goes to a local Catholic parish, stands in the communion line to receive the Eucharist. However, instead of eating the bread, they conceal it and put it in their pocket. They then take this consecrated bread and do vile and disgusting things to it in their satanic service – the black mass.

hqdefaultThe media has recently started covering this satanic service given all the protests from the black mass that took place in Oklahoma City in 2014. In those news reports, there was a great legal battle over the possession of  the consecrated Host. The Satanic group had possession of the host while the Diocese of Oklahoma City attempted to obtain it back by arguing that the bread was stolen Church property. The news reports also highlighted the spectacle of the black mass and how this demonic service was centered around doing certain “things” to the consecrated bread. Now, think about this for a minute. The entire black mass is orchestrated on the fact that the enemy believes Jesus is in that piece of bread. Furthermore, the only way to get this Jesus-bread is at a Catholic Church (not any other church). The black mass is proof that the devil himself acknowledges that Jesus is really in the bread. Folks – hello!

If the enemy of all of Christianity is admitting Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, then guess what – Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. So, if this is true, then the Protestant idea of a symbol has lost all credibility. The devil is not stupid. He wants to crush Jesus. The fact that the devil wants that bread, goes to great lengths to get that bread, and then does horrendous acts to that bread is proof he knows that Jesus is in there. Why would the devil have his followers do all this if Jesus wasn’t in that bread? If Jesus wasn’t really in that bread then why do they need to get this bread at a Catholic Church? If he wasn’t in that bread, couldn’t they go to any other church service to get bread? But, they don’t go to any other church to get this bread. They only go to one specific type of church – Roman Catholic.

Former Satanist high priest, Zachary King, tells us directly when he says, “The one church that drives the devil nuts is the Catholic Church. This is the church he wants to destroy more than any other church.” Later, King goes on to confirm, “The devil knows Jesus is in the Eucharist.” Folks, this is coming directly from the mouth of a man who was a Satanist high priest for over 20 years (see here).

Now, if your church is the one church that the devil wants to destroy that might freak you out. But, it should also tell you that your church has something the devil doesn’t like. You must have the divine medicine that will destroy him – the Sacraments. You hate what you fear. The only reason Lex Luthor wants to ruin Superman more than any other person is because he knows only Superman can destroy him. The fact that the devil wants to wreck the Church is proof he fears the Church. The devil’s hatred of the Catholic Church is a sure fire clue that the Catholic Church is the real deal. So, if the devil doesn’t care about your church, he doesn’t fear what you have. That must mean you don’t have anything real that will damage him. If the devil is not scared by your church that fact should scare you.

Last thought – if you ask anyone what a black mass is they will most likely say that the black mass is a mockery of a church service. This is accurate. But, the next question is what type of church service? What do the satanic worshipers of the devil call their greatest satanic service? They call it the black mass. Notice that satanic worshipers do not call it the black Lutheran service, or black Baptist service, or black Methodist service. Which church is known by all to call their worship service a Mass? You guessed it – The Catholic Church. Therefore, the black mass is a mockery of the Catholic service. Notice this is the one service the devil wants to go after because this is the one service that does him the most harm in its pure form. This explains why he has to ridicule it. If the enemy says a certain Christian idea is true, you can take that idea to the bank.

There is a lot of evidence in Scripture and in the early church that indicates the real presence in the Eucharist (see John 6, Matthew 26:26, Luke 22:19, 24, Acts 2:42, 1 Corinthians 1, 5,10, 11, Genesis 3:19, 14:17-20, Exodus 16, Didache texts, etc.). Additionally, there is a plethora of miracles that demonstrate the real presence of the Eucharist (miracles of Lanciano, Buenos Aires, South Korea, Kearns, UT, etc.). But, the final nail in the coffin on the real presence should be the fact that devil himself confirms that Jesus is actually present in the Eucharist. This fact should give Catholics all over the world assurance that Jesus is actually in that consecrated host.

The black mass is the most appalling thing on the face of this earth. That is because the Mass is the most beautiful thing on the face of this earth. When we go to mass do we really know what we have? Let’s at least learn one thing from the devil. We have something that is beautiful for us and threatening to him. We actually have Jesus. We really have the God-Man present with us.

2 thoughts on “One way to know Jesus is in the Eucharist

  1. On another note – the fact that the devil goes after the church with such vengeance and aggressiveness explains why the devil knows the church can destroy him. When Jesus first announced the formation of the church, he said that the “the gates of hell would not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). The Greek word for prevail reads very much like overcome. Prevail implies that there will be times the devil appears to get in and knock down the church. In other words, the devil will win some battles here and there – but will not prevail as the church (with the help of Christ) will win out in the end. The devil winning a battle can explain the sex scandal in the church. This crisis in Jesus’ church was a small victory for the devil – but as Jesus declared the devil will not prevail – in fact it will be a crushing defeat for him – as we see in the book of Revelation.


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