The Law And Love

In June 2003, the deadliest porch collapse occurred in Chicago. An overloaded balcony collapsed during a party in an apartment building, killing thirteen people and seriously injuring fifty-seven others. The ensuing investigation was highly critical of the way the balcony was built, finding a large number of errors in its construction which ultimately resulted in the collapse. However, … More The Law And Love

Why Catholic Education Matters

Given that we recently celebrated Catholic schools week it’s fitting to reflect on the magnitude Catholic education has in molding a just society. From all levels – elementary, middle, high-school, and college Catholic education strives for excellence in cultivating the intellectual, spiritual, and moral advancement so one can become closer to the person God made … More Why Catholic Education Matters

Attack On The Family?

The apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Fatima are arguably the most well-documented and renowned of all the Marian visions. In Fatima, Portugal the Mother of God came to earth in 1917 and delivered a message to three shepherd children in which she prophesied about drastic future perils should mankind not alter his trajectory back … More Attack On The Family?

A Child-Like Trust

At St. Matthew’s VBS, kids learned how Jesus’ power will guide them through all the trials that life throws their way. At VBS, the faith was presented to kids in a compelling way through catchy songs, dances, games, intriguing Bible adventures, videos, and cleverly crafted activities. All this was wrapped up through an uplifting phrase … More A Child-Like Trust